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Reaching out with Respect and Love – Our Lady the Queen of the Missions

Reaching out with Respect and Love

Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, Park Circus has always strived to work for the betterment of the society. The Sisters, Teachers and students have regularly reached out to Old age homes, Orphanages, Juvenile homes and other such places, to share our blessings and to support them morally. The school also arranges blood donation camps to save life, Eye check-up, bone density tests for the sick and aged to assist them in their illness and the needy are adopted for treatments, we honour the helping hands of our families by inviting them as special guests to school.  The school hosts “Campaign against hunger and disease”, to provide treatment for snake bites in the rural areas of Bihar where the Sisters work. Along with this, QMS’s strong belief is that every girl should have the chance to unlock her inner potential, and receive standard education. This is clearly portrayed through its Afternoon School, which is held on the same premises after the normal morning school hours where hundreds of underprivileged girls are getting educated.

The pandemic has not been able to bar the humanitarian activities of the school. Amidst these difficult times, it has sought the way to leave a mark in society through its services. This year the School Administration, with the help of teachers and students, have decided to take up the initiative to “Adopt a Hospital”. Every class has chosen one or more hospitals, treating Covid-19 patients, to appreciate the front line COVID warriors. We have reached out to the Hospital administration, Doctors, Nurses, Police force, Community workers etc.  with personalised cards and videos with messages of appreciation. Among the hospitals chosen to reach out are AMRI chain of hospitals, Bellevue and EEDF hospitals, Narayana, to name a few. The teachers of QMS have reached out to appreciate the selfless service of the City Administration.

Mark Twain once said-“The best way to cheer yourself up is by cheering somebody else up”. In today’s monotonous world, it is often seen that we can bring smiles on the faces of others with kind words and deeds that portray care and compassion no matter how small it may be. We, Our Lady Queen of the Missions School, try different ways to show our gratefulness and care for those who risk their lives at the forefront during the pandemic crisis.  This is part of our Social Service reach out program this year. We are happy to ignite a flame that will keep burning in times of uncertainties.

May God bless everyone who serve the society selflessly and whose work is unseen and unnoticed. 

Sayanika Upadhyay

Class X

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