2024-05-20 22:40:42
QMS Emblem – Our Lady the Queen of the Missions

The motto of the school is Virtue and Knowledge.

The crest consists of several elements : the shield, the crown, palm or laurel branches and several letters

The Crown

The crown symbolizes a reward for excellence.

The Laurel

The palm or laurel branches symbolise victory. In ancient times the winner of a race was given a laurel wreath in recognition of their victory.

The Shield

The shield signifies protection. The training and ideals imparted to us during our school life will act as armour and be a source of strength in our future lives.

V K The letters V and K stand for Virtue and Knowledge which reminds us that learning is important but even more important is our living out of our Christian ideals.

The RNDM emblem

The RNDM emblem stands for – Religieuses de Notre Dame de Missions (translated, Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions).

This emblem worn by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions was designed to celebrate the presence of God among all people across the world. This simple design was chosen in 1974 taking into account that some missions are established where the majority of the people are not Christian.