2024-05-20 21:44:30
Vision and Aim – Our Lady the Queen of the Missions

Our Vision

We, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions are called to live the Gospel Values in the spirit of our Charism, honouring our multi-cultural & multi faith reality. We commit ourselves therefore, to impart value based education principally to women & girls with special emphasis to the less privileged, developing their full potentials in their quest for excellence. We also provide an environment which enables the development of strong and responsible women, faithful to values and respect for themselves and compassion for others.

Our Aim

The aim of the Institute is to provide an integral formation to our pupils so that they can grow towards human maturity and conscientize them towards their vital role in the life of the society for which, as adults, they will have to share responsibilities. In school, the young girls of any religious family find scope within their own cultural milieu to reflect on their lives in the light of their faith and to develop not only in knowledge and skills but also in the wisdom which is the fruit of reflection on life and its lessons. As they grow towards human maturity they are enabled with the help of the Divine Spirit and the support of the school to find meaning and purpose in their lives and are inspired to live and work for the building up of a just and fraternal society.

While preparing the students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) we endeavour to develop their intellectual, moral and spiritual potentiality, helping them to grow into integrated persons with self-esteem and positive values in life. We strive to expand the students’ mental horizons by promoting and strengthening intercultural experiences, and instill in them the awareness of equality, social justice and world peace.